“Untitled” by Maurice

During a discussion in class about “The New Jim Crow” a classmate (who is white) brought up the fact that the book made it seem like it was a big conspiracy where everybody met and came up with this new undercaste system to replace Jim Crow. I was sitting there trying to figure out how we could have read the same book and come up with vastly different interpretations of what we read. I think it partly goes to one of the points that she made in the book and that’s perception. I don’t think that she was trying to make the point of a mass conspiracy where everybody got together young and old rich and poor. I think the point that she was trying to make was that the wealth elite who wanted to maintain there position and status quo by exploiting the fears and insecurity of lower class whites. Which in reality has never been a hard thing to do because for most whites they have been taught from birth both directly and indirectly a air of superiority. The seeds have always been planted so it wouldn’t take much watering to make them grow. Who would find it hard to believe with as much of our daily lives are influenced by what we read or see on TV with little or no research for the truth of the matter, that a mass media campaign all for the purpose of winning a election displaying blacks in coded language as drug dealing, crackwhores, and welfare queens could be took for the truth of the thing asserted with out any proof of the validity of it. You have a cop who is working in the inner city who for the most part only experience he has with black people is what he sees in the media and he has been on this constant diet of a image of what black people are, how can his actions not be effected by it. In a perfect world cops, judges, prosecutor, congressman, and presidents would be above reproach but these people are human subject to human fallacies. That’s why a Woodrow Wilson could screen “A Birth of a Nation” (a Klan movie) in the Whitehouse to a standing ovation. That’ s why the Supreme Court can uphold racist state laws, and why cops can fight this war of drugs in all black neighborhoods like we the only ones selling drugs. She quoted in the book a prosecutor was asked why he didn’t press charges on a rural white kid and he said he not a drug dealer he just a good old boy on a farm with a shotgun, but that is exactly what he is, a drug dealer. But except a handgun he has a shotgun, and instead of the inner city he on a farm. It all comes back to perception both conscious, and unconscious. So the people with the power to make and enforce the laws come with a preconceived notion of the people that these laws directly effect. Then a mass conspiracy would never be needed you just have to play on the fears of the people who can directly impact the situation.

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