Wait: The Art of Science of Delay

A novel written by Frank Partnoy is about the value of waiting and he uses a wide range of examples. Mr. Partnoy says. “Modern society taps into that hardwiring, tempting us to respond instantly to all kinds of information and demands. Yet we are often better off resisting both biology and technology.” The author’s intention in “Wait:The Art of Science of Delay” is to take on those who evangelize the power of thinking quickly, “getting things done” and leading an organized life. We can praise efficiency but fail to take note of what is sacrificed in its name. “Wait” offers a valuable counterweight to this attitude, reminding us that quality should matter as much as speed. The novel does not peddle secrets of success, though it does contain some inspirational quotes for the slow-at-heart. The book succeeds most when it directs our attention to the range of situations where delay has value and when it counters the widespread intuition that faster is always better.

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