(1) The holiness of the Old Testament saints, and indeed that of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin, came through their absolute obedience to God’s will.

Today God still speaks to us as he used to speak to our ancestors at a time when there were neither spiritual directors nor any systems of spirituality. To be faithful to the designs of God then comprised the whole of one’s spiritual life. Religious devotion had not become a science crammed with precepts and detailed instructions. Nowadays, no doubt, our special needs make this necessary, but in the old days people were less complex and more straightforward. Then they knew only that each moment brought a duty which much be faithfully fulfilled. Those spiritually inclined needed nothing more. They were like the hand of a clock which, minute by minute, crosses its appointed space, for, ceaselessly prompted by divine grace, they attended without thinking to each new task offered them by God at every hour of the day.


spiritually inclined like the hands of a clock

minute by minute

crosses its appointed space

faithful to the designs of God

each moment brought a duty which must be faithfully fulfilled

designs- a hand of a clock moment by moment


Find the sacred word, be in God’s presence

Let go

The less I do, the more God can do

This prayer is a vestibule, away into God’s presence

When a thought or felling attention, return to the sacred word. DOn’t take possession of it. Sink into a deep peace.

Don’t possess, let go.

Help us to remember that what we keep we lose, and only what we give remains our own.


These are times during the grieving process when we break apart to a gamut of emotions.

There is crying. There are tears- and certainly regrets.

I hold onto something I heard once, that the past is a dream, the future is a vision. But he present well lived makes the past a dream of beauty and the future a vision of hope. We learn to live with our remembering- with this dream of beauty, this vision of hope.

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