Athlete’s Prayer

God, let me play well but fairly.

Help me to learn something that matters

once the game is over.

Let compettition make me strong but never hostile.

Always let me help my opponent up.

Never catch me rejoicing in the adversity of others.

If I know victory, allow me to be happy; if I am denied, keep

me from envy.

Remind me that sports are just games.

If through athletics I set an example,

let it be a good one.


“If we play our best, we’re gonna run them off the field,” Biff said, not in a cocky way, just being factual. “And when we beat them, I want you yo have the same kind of class we had last year. I don’t want guys taking their jerseys off and running all over the place. You know, be respectful.” And if DeMatha were to somehow come out ahead? “I want you going straight over and shaking their hands,” Biff said.

-Jeffrey Marx, Season of Life

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