Slow Dancing at Harvard

Slow Dancing, the brainchild of contemporary artist David Michalek, was not developed overnight. After all, the work is rooted in a deliberateness that goes beyond titular acknowledgment. The piece is comprised of more than 40 video portraits of dancers. Each vignette is displayed on a super-sized screen and in hyper-slow-motion, such that a would-be instantaneous gesture can play out over the course of a full minute or longer. The effect is mesmerizing.”

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A Little Hope


I AM, God says, Master of the Three Virtues. Faith is a loyal wife. Charity is a fervent mother. But hope is a very little girl. I am, God says, the Master of the Virtues. It is Faith who holds fast through century upon century. It is Charity who gives herself through centuries of centuries, But it is my little hope Who gets up every morning. Says good-day to us… I am, God says, the Lord of the Virtues. It is Faith who resists through century upon century. It is Charity who yields through century upon century. But it is my little hope Who every morning Says good-day to us… It is my little hope who goes to sleep every evening, In her child’s bed, after having said a good prayer, and who wakes every morning and gets up and says her prayers with new attention. You believe that children know nothing, And that parents and grown-up people know something, Well, I tell you it is the contrary (It is always the contrary). 18

It is the parents, it is the grown-up people who know nothing. And it is the children who know Everything. For they know first innocence, Which is everything The world is always inside out, God says. And in the contrary sense. Happy is he who remains like a child And who like a child keeps His first innocence…


Keeping Quiet


Pablo Neruda

Now we will count to twelve and we will all keep still for once on— the face of the earth, let’s not speak in any language; let’s stop for a second, and not move our arms so much. It would be an exotic moment without rush, without engines; we would all be together in a sudden strangeness. Fishermen in the cold sea would not harm whales and the man gathe

What I want should not be confused with total inactivity. Life is what it is about… If we were not so single-minded about keeping our lives moving, and for once could do nothing, perhaps a huge silence might interrupt this sadness of never understanding ourselves and of threatening ourselves with death. Now I’ll count up to twelve and you keep quiet and I will go.ring salt would not look at his hurt hands. Those who prepare green wars, wars with gas, wars with fire, victories with no survivors, would put on clean clothes and walk about with their brothers in the shade, doing nothing.



The Promise of A Pencil

The riveting story of how a young man turned $25 into more than 200 schools around the world and the guiding steps anyone can take to lead a successful and significant life.

Adam Braun began working summers at hedge funds when he was just sixteen years old, sprinting down the path to a successful Wall Street career. But while traveling he met a young boy begging on the streets of India, who after being asked what he wanted most in the world, simply answered, “A pencil.” This small request led to a staggering series of events that took Braun backpacking through dozens of countries before eventually leaving one of the world’s most prestigious jobs to found Pencils of Promise, the organization he started with just $25 that has since built more than 200 schools around the world.

The Promise of a Pencil chronicles Braun’s journey to find his calling, as each chapter explains one clear step that every person can take to turn your biggest ambitions into reality, even if you start with as little as $25. His story takes readers behind the scenes with business moguls and village chiefs, world-famous celebrities and hometown heroes. Driven by compelling stories and shareable insights, this is a vivid and inspiring book that will give you the tools to make your own life a story worth telling.

*All proceeds from this book will support Pencils of Promise.


The Belarusian painter Marc Chagall (1887-1985) is widely regarded as epitomizing the “painter as poet”. The worldwide admiration he commanded remains unparalleled by any artist of the century.

Chagall’s paintings, steeped in mythology and mysticism, portray colourful dreams and tales that are deeply rooted in his Russian Jewish origins. The memories and yearning they evoke recall his native Vitebsk, and the great events that mark the life of ordinary people: birth, love, marriage and death. They tell of a world full of everyday miracles – in the room of lovers, on the streets of Vitebsk, beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Heaven and earth seem to meet in a topsy-turvy world in which whimsical figures of people and animals float through the air with gravity-defying serenity.



The popular ESPN basketball analyst and former Duke player looks at the true meaning of toughness.

If anyone knows tough, it’s Jay Bilas. A four-year starter at Duke, he learned an incomparable work ethic under coach Mike Krzyzewski, battling against the greatest college players in the game. After playing professionally overseas for several years, he returned to Duke, where he served as Krzyzewski’s assistant coach for three seasons, during which the Blue Devils won back-to-back titles. A graduate of Duke Law School, he has since become one of basketball’s most recognizable faces through his insightful, intelligent work on ESPN’s SportsCenter and College GameDay.

Through his ups and downs, on and off the court, Jay learned the true meaning of toughness from coaches, teammates, and colleagues. Now, he discusses this misunderstood—yet vital—attribute and how it contributes to winning in sports and in life. Featuring never-before-heard stories and personal philosophies on toughness from top players and coaches including Coach K, Bob Knight, Grant Hill, Mia Hamm, Jon Gruden, Tom Izzo, Bill Self, Curtis Strange, and many others—Bilas redefines what it takes to succeed.