From teacher to counselor

I have always been the type of person that wants to better myself.  I thought my undergraduate degree in Theology would take me very far in life.   What it did in fact, was, allow me to see how much more education I needed to succeed.  Until recently, I had been looking for a graduate program that would incorporate my interest in Theology with helping people. I knew that online education was not really for me, I prefer to meet people face-to-face and have conversations in real life rather than in some small square on my monitor.  Then, at the mall, I saw an ad for Loyola University’s graduate degree program in Pastoral Counseling and how to attend an information session. The information I received made me think and reflect on my life’s decisions. It was a perfect fit for me, the synthesis of spirituality and counseling. As a teacher, I often find myself counseling students to make good choices.  This degree would not only allow me to help students, but, adults as well.

I have learned so much since starting my first year of the MS program for Pastoral Counseling. In addition to the overall learning experience, the professors are what really make the classes come alive. Dr. Jill Snodgrass, Ph.D. enriched the introduction to pastoral counseling class by allowing us to write weekly reflections on our service-learning experiences. These allowed us to integrate our classroom learning with our volunteer experiences and is the a prime example of a Jesuit education—the ability to make what you are learning come alive! Even after the semester has come to a close, I still volunteer at the organization because of the wonderful experience I had there.

One of the memorable moments I remember in counseling theory class with Dr. Sharon Cheston, Ed.D.  was when she showed us an actual Counselor/client experience with one of our classmates.  Being in the room, you can feel the peace she brings to the situation.  Another hallmark of a Jesuit education: the opportunity to take what you are learning and see it first-hand in practice. In addition to great educators, there are many resources made available to help guide and aid the graduate student. From financial aid to writing workshops (APA) Loyola has made provisions for the student to succeed completely.  If you are the type of person that likes to help others and you have an open heart and mind, then, this program of study is for you!  Click here to begin your journey.

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