When the Journey Chooses Us

Throughout my journey I have learned that there are some things in life that we choose, and then there are other portions of our journey that choose us.  If I had to categorize my decision to come to the PC program at Loyola, I would definitely place this in the latter category.

The year was 2005.  It was my final year of seminary and as I began preparing for graduation, there was a part of me that felt unsettled. My future was still quite fuzzy and at the age of 25, there were more things that I did not know than what I had managed to figure out at that point. But there were two things I was sure about. I knew that I was called to be a healer, and I knew that I always had an interest in both psychology and spirituality.  When I was in my undergraduate Psychology program, I felt like I had to disconnect from my Spirit, and when I was in seminary, I felt like I had to disconnect from my clinical mind.  I did not want to choose between my “secular” understanding of the mind and human behavior and my faith in the power of the Spirit to heal. In fact, at the core of my being, I believed that in order to truly heal, I needed to find a place that allowed me to be merge the two—addressing both spirit and mind.

After browsing the website, I knew that every other part of my journey prepared me for this program.  When I arrived at the orientation, I was greeted by a Native American prayer, a Buddhist quote, and surrounded by persons of different faiths and cultural backgrounds.  There was something sacred about this place and yet, there was an equal emphasis on the school’s commitment to prepare us clinically so that we can be licensed in the secular world.  From these first moments on campus, I was certain that the Pastoral Counseling program was exactly where I needed to be.  I knew that I would not only be prepared to have a career doing what I love, but I would be able to allow all portions of my identity to remain in conversation to become exactly who I have always been. …a holistic healer.

I did not choose Loyola…in many ways, Loyola chose me.  And I will forever be grateful…

One thought on “When the Journey Chooses Us

  1. You so eloquently stated a very real truth.. there is something sacred about this place. I for one have been moved by just the opportunity to acknowledge and rest in a moment of sacredness & wonder at the beginning of each class that I have had, and that makes such a difference.

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