Faith and Business in Poland

Dr. Ralph Piedmont was the keynote speaker at a conference in Poland ”Psychology-Consumption-Quality of Life: Between Prosperity and Welfare,” to discuss the influence of money and power on Polish citizens.

Read the full story in the Loyola College newsletter.

3 thoughts on “Faith and Business in Poland

  1. I find it interesting that Poland has a lessened need for Church since the Communist government there fell, and China who is still Communist yet quite prosperous, also has a lessened need for Church and its people do not seem to mind that their religious as well as other freedoms are being denied to them.

  2. “money drives all things” – I agree with this statement by Dr. Piedmont; money becomes a proxy for self-worth and self-esteem. It can mean the difference between life and death. If you have money to buy the shelter and the food, pay the doctor, to buy the medicine, to purchase the procedure, you get to live. Money is just a token representation of what we value so when I look at where most of our money is placed and what that money is connected with, I have to wonder: do we really value THAT?

  3. This is another example of the generosity of the professors in the department, who encourage the graduate students to participate in their research. I had the honor of helping Dr. Piedmont with this project.

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