Chin up, graduated

There are a hundred thousand songs about saying goodbye . . . or not saying goodbye .  .  .  or don’t say goodbye . . .

I’m trying to keep my chin up, JoAnn, but I feel this little empty space where your words were supposed to be. I know they will be filled with Glenda’s and Kate’s and Andrea’s and Vernon’s words and thoughts abundantly rich with our spiritual and pastoral connections, but your words have made meaning in my life since the inception of Meaning Making.

I knew you and I were going to get along well when I found out your journey to Loyola included Texas where I was born. Our footsteps have shared some of the same paths like Loyola’s Spring Retreat, but you have ventured into bigger worlds.

Your last posting reached out and touched someone so deeply, that person has already been profoundly changed within. You led me to resiliency and taught me about the free-form of spiritual direction. You are not afraid to meet and greet the difficult issues. You shared your lessons about mystery, humility, and self-care.

But now you‘ve gone and graduated – a place where all of us bloggers plan to be someday. It’s not like “graduated” is a foreign country. Graduated still allows the privilege of visiting. I hope you will still come, read us and share your wisdom.

Graduated inherently implies that you are finished and complete with this particular place in your life and ready to move on. Graduated closes a door while it simultaneously opens another and brings you to a moment where you can say “here I begin anew.”

Graduated brings the coveted title of “professional.” It means that people will seek you out because they require a knowledgeable person who has wisdom to help them.

They will have chosen well.

Be happy, JoAnn. Live long and prosper.

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