About the Bloggers

We are hope.

We are the hands who grasp the fingers of those who need advice, help, support, or love, and we give it unequivocally with confidence and assurance because we are learning to live from our hearts, while we act from our brains. We are students, classmates, friends, lovers, wives, husbands, children, and parents. In every moment, we are all that can be experienced yet still individuals finding a way to make meaning in our lives.

Our words here define our journey. We are training to counsel souls who are often scared and befuddled by the random acts of life. As we work to help them understand, find reassurance, and embrace the comfort of sharing their story, we are helping ourselves become more of who we truly are. Together, our meaning making shows us the value inherent in our existence.

Here are our wondrous tales of how we came to be here in this present moment with you, what we experience at Loyola, and the people we have encountered along the way. We seek to leave a living legacy of learning where those who read us can find themselves.

We invite you to click the names below to learn more about each of us. 

Amy Gracey (Current MS student)
Andrea Noel (Current MA student)
Awa Jangha (Current PhD student)
Barbara Kass (Current MS student)
Bernadette Snyder (Current MS student)   
Chrystal Hoover (Current MS student)
Elizabeth “Biji” James (Current Certificate of Advanced Study student)
Glenda Laurent Dickonson (Current MS/PhD student)
Janie Blakely (Current student)
JoAnn Harvan-Chin (Current MA student)
Joseph Calizo (Current MS student)
Karla Wynn (Current MA student)
Kate Gerwin (Current MS student)
Mario Conliffe (Current MS student)
Michelle Adams (Current MS student)
Tara Mastoris (Current MS/PhD student)
Nichole Phillips (Current MS student)
Teri Wilkins (Current PhD student)
Vernon Ware (Current MS student)
William Wentz (Current MS student)

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