Amy Gracey

Amy GraceyName: Amy Gracey
Program: MS Pastoral Counseling

  1. How far along are you in the program?
    Just finishing my third semester
  2. Favorite Quote:
    I am not sitting, I am on a journey. -Ware Kallistos.
  3. Favorite spot(s) in Baltimore:
    Hiking trail in Roland Park
    Robert E Lee Park
    Oregon Ridge Park
    NCR trails
  4. Where is your hometown?
    Mexico, NY
  5. What is the most meaningful class you’ve taken?
    Theological Anthropology with Dr. Gerry Fialkowski
  6. Where is your placement?
    I will begin my first placement in the Fall of 2012 at St. Agnes Hospital, Cancer Ward.
  7. What is your inspiration?
    A deep faith that believes I have a destiny, and that I am on a journey to find that destiny.
  8. What are three unusual things about yourself?
    1. My mom challenged the NY State law of mandatory education back in 1970, and won the right to homeschool even before the term was coined.
    2. I spent 29 years in a monastery in silence and prayer.
    3. I like to grow and eat veggies!
  9. What is your dream job?
    Working in private practice and writing great non-fiction.
  10. What else should the readers of Making Meaning know about you?
    I am new to the Baltimore area and am looking to make new connections.

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3 thoughts on “Amy Gracey

  1. Hello,
    maybe you do not remember me, but we were together in ethics class with Ms Wheeler. Yesterday, I also just finished my third semester, i.e. first year yeeees :)

    I am already 12 years in USA but yet feel same as you – as a new to Baltimore. If you want, e mail me

    Take care


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