Glenda Laurent Dickonson

Glenda DickonsonName: Glenda Laurent Dickonson
Program: MS/PhD in pastoral counseling

  1. How far along are you in the program?
    Completed MS coursework and will be graduating in May 2012. One toe deep into the PhD program.
  2. Favorite Quote:
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13
  3. Favorite spot in Baltimore:
    Inner Harbor
  4. Where is your hometown?
    Hyattsville, MD, formerly from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
  5. What is the most meaningful class you’ve taken?
    Helping Relationships
  6. Where is your placement?
    The Life Center, Hospice of the Chesapeake
    CAP Program, PG Health & Human Services
    What is your inspiration?
    The tenacity that my mother showed in the face of adversity and the unconditional love my parents had for me.
  7. What are three unusual things about yourself?
    1. I enjoy public speaking and I rarely write my speeches beforehand.
    2. I was born on an island but I have little love for beaches.
    3. If I had limitless options to choose a career, I’d be a dancer.
  8. What is your dream job?
    Facilitating groups and workshops for my private company – Glenda Inc.
  9. What else should the readers of Making Meaning know about you?
    This is my third career and my second master’s program. I had already earned a Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling 20 years earlier, and here I was again back in school.  When many of my friends were looking at retirement on the distant horizon, I was considering a career change. I tend not to be a conformist and follow regular paths; instead, I enjoy blazing my own trail.
    I am the mother of two successful daughters, and the grandmother of two handsome infant boys. I am Catholic and enjoy my church. I am also a Toastmaster and after 17 years, I still enjoy participating in the local chapter, Columbians Toastmasters Club.
    My greatest treasure is my group of friends. My friends are the family I chose, and they have been good to me. Sometimes I refer to them as my blessing. As far as perspective, I strive to see the donut instead of the hole. It makes it so much easier to roll out of bed every morning.

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