JoAnn Harvan-Chin

JoAnn Harvan-ChinName: JoAnn Harvan-Chin
Nickname: Jo or J

Program: MA Pastoral Care

  1. How far along are you in the program?
    6 credits left, due to graduate May 2013
  2. Favorite Quote:
    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.Jn 3:16
  3. Favorite spot in Baltimore:
    Inner Harbor Baltimore and Downton Ellicott City… it reminds me of a French hill town
  4. Where is your hometown?
    Greensburg, PA
  5. What is the most meaningful class you’ve taken?
    Spiritual Direction with Fr. Brian McDermott.
  6. Where is your placement?
    My internship is in spiritual direction. I see directees at my parish St Paul’s in Ellicott City and I take the internship supervision course at Washington Theological Union
  7. Who is your inspiration?
    The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Trinity, and the saints
  8. What are three unusual things about yourself?
    1. I have lived in 10 different cities and in 6 states.
    2. I have been doing Zumba for 5 years.
    3. I am an extremely good auditory learner and have an auditory memory.  If I listen actively, I can remember everything in detail of what is said to me, and I know the lyrics to over a thousand songs.
  9. What is your dream job?
    To be a spiritual director for both individuals and groups on retreats and to work in Catholic Church catechesis.
  10. What else should the readers of Making Meaning know about you?
    I am married to a wonderful man, Jeff Chin, since 2000, who works at Northrop Grumman.  I have a son, Nikolas, of whom I am very proud.  He is an accomplished and disciplined runner, an avid reader, a future national park ranger, and a very honorable young man.  I love to travel, visit Catholic Churches, Cathedrals and Basilicas, go to places of natural beauty, cook and eat organic food, drink good wine, read, watch quality films, cycle on trails, hike, attend and give retreats, take bubble baths, and spend time with loved ones.

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2 thoughts on “JoAnn Harvan-Chin

  1. It makes me proud to know you, Joann. You are an inspiration to everyone you come in contact with. Thank you for being my Friend!

  2. You are an awesome person J. My life has been blessed since you came into it. We (CRHP team #24) are so happy you continue to be a part of our wonderful small Christian Community even though you are now far away from us. Skype is a wonderful thing. Love, Y.S.I.C. Pat

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