Nichole Phillips

Nichole PhillipsName: Rev. Nichole Phillips
Nickname: Nikki

Program: MS Pastoral Counseling

  1. How far along are you in the program?
    I will graduate May 2013
  2. Favorite Quote:
    The relationship is always more important than the problem. -Dr. Richardson
  3. Favorite spot in Baltimore:
    I.N.D (my alma mater)
  4. Where is your hometown?
    Richmond, VA
  5. What is the most meaningful class you’ve taken?
    PC 694 Independent Study: Family and Community Systems of Ghana
  6. Where is your placement?
    Connections For Life Counseling Center
  7. Who is your inspiration?
    My mother- my first example of selfless, unconditional, and sacrificial for another.
  8.  What are three unusual things about yourself?
    1. I was valedictorian of my seminary class.
    2. I recorded an album with a gospel group in college
    3. I’ve traveled to Africa and hope to have a house built there one day.
  9. What is your dream job?
    Professor of pastoral counseling at Virginia Union University (my seminary alma mater).
  10. What else should the readers of Making Meaning know about you? 
     I am passionate about working with children, adolescents and families with a particular interest in exploring and learning from other cultures and persons different from myself. I am an advocate for justice and the rights of all persons to live free, hopeful, and empowered lives.  I hope to one day develop a program for young mothers who have aged out of the foster care system.

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