Teri Wilkins

Teri Wilkins

Name: Teresa Wilkins
Nickname: Teri

Program: Ph.D. Pastoral Counseling

  1. How far along are you in the program?
    Last semester of coursework in PhD program
  2. Favorite Quote:
    There is so much Devil in the best of us, and so much Angel in the worst of us, that it doesn’t become any of us to say much about the rest of us. -W.S. Childs
  3. Favorite spot in Baltimore:
    Schultz’s Crab House
  4. Where is your hometown?
    Baltimore, Md
  5. What is the most meaningful class you’ve taken?
    Helping Relationship
  6. Where is your placement?
    Caroline Center, Epoch Counseling Center, Key Point Health Services
  7. Who is your inspiration?
    The professors in the pastoral counseling department
  8. What are three unusual things about yourself?
    1. I once lived on a houseboat
    2. I have been invited to the White House twice
    3. I am completing my 4th degree from Loyola
  9. What is your dream job?
    Professor who teaches, supervises, conducts research, and does clinical work.
  10. What else should the readers of Making Meaning know about you?
    I was an educator working for the Archdiocese of Baltimore for over two decades before changing careers.  I have had the honor of working as Dr. Piedmont’s graduate assistant for several years and have had the opportunity to help with the Mid-Year Conference and to work as the copy editor for Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion.  I am also working as a psychotherapist (LGPC) at a community mental health clinic.

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