The Call of Inspiration

by Andrea Noel

What are you inspired to do? What is that thing inside your soul that you must do, create, be, write, or share with the world? What is that thing that just will not go away no matter how much you try to rationalize why it is silly, not wise, or not best? It is silly for you to quit your job to play the bass full-time. It is not wise for you to leave corporate America to teach 12th grade science in an urban community. It is not best to take six months leave to spend time taking care of an ailing friend. It’s just insane, ludicrous even!

Inspiration is spirit-based rather than head-based, no matter how many times you logically think about that thing you have an intuitive urge or wild passion for, it will never make complete sense. With inspiration there is paradox and mystery; transformation and energy; direction and provision. Inspiration is a force to be reckoned with. It is magnetic, dynamic, progressive, and creative.

When you get inspired follow it wherever it leads and trust that wherever it takes you is exactly where your heart needs to be. Inspiration helps you see clearer, gives you true direction and brings you closer to spirit and your higher self.

You may question whether you have felt inspired before. I boldly proclaim that you have! Slow down and center yourself. Begin listening for the still, small voice inside you and it can uncover your inspiration in all of its grandeur and glory. You are never too young or not young to be inspired.

Feel your wellspring of energy, see the untapped possibilities, and take one step forward. Dare to fly! Dare to believe! Dare to be inspired! Dare to inspire the world!

The Apple of God’s Eye

By Andrea A Noel (c) 2008