Oh The Places I’ll Go (I Hope)!

Possibly one of the most gratifying and terrifying experiences in college is handing in your Declaration of Major paperwork.

See, deciding what you’re going to do for the next two and a half years doesn’t just mean choosing courses. It also means studying abroad, internships, and how to make yourself wanted, no, needed, by employers.

But let’s forget that super scary stuff and focus on the tantalizing idea of leaving the country. I have a map on my wall (you may have seen it, but not in detail) of all the places I’ve been and all the places I want to go.

So many places to see! And yes, I have a lot of buttons.

Focusing on Europe Yellow - States Traveled; Red - Countries Traveled; Blue/Green - Unexplored

Focusing on EuropeAs you can see, there are quite a few places I want to visit. I read about them in history books, hear about them on Rick Steve’s Travels in Europe, and see them in National Geographic Magazine. I don’t just want to visit, or spend a whirlwind 10 days driving across a country. I really want to absorb the culture: meet the locals, find the forgotten nooks and crannies, connect with the landscape, eat new foods, and just experience life in a different place.

There’s just so much you can learn from people with different experiences from your own.
So without further ado, I will share with you my hopes and daydreams of the inexperienced.

(All photos from this point onward are courtesy of National Geographic and their wonderful photographers)



Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

Because who wouldn’t want to combine insane heat with insane cold? But really, it’s beautiful there.

England – London: Home of Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, and so many more inspirational people.


Norway Forest

Kongsvinger Forest, bit of a hike from Oslo

This is the perfect combination of the Forbidden Forest and Mirkwood. It looks more friendly though!

France – Paris: The Louvre + Art Student = Happiness




I picked up an NG magazine in the dentist’s office once and bright colors bombarded my eyes, so of course I had to learn more about it. Apparently this is their new capital, very shiny.

Greece – Thessaloniki: Have I mentioned how much I like lamb and baklava?


Casablanca Mosque

Casablanca, Hasan II Mosque

Yes, I love the movie. But the culture is so colorful I’d have to stay a week to absorb it all.

Denmark – Kronborg Castle: I’m a huge history/lit enthusiast. So if I’m given the opportunity to visit the castle where Hamlet was set, you can bet I’ll be psyched.


Finland Sky

By Muoino

That. I want to see that. Stars and light and space. All open. For everyone.

New Zealand - I think I’d have to go all over the island because 1) It’s gorgeous, and 2) Lord of the Rings was filmed all over.


Luxor Temple


I’m not a huge hot weather person, but seeing those temples and pyramids would be fantastic. To have something towering over you that is so ancient and strong is spectacular.

Scotland – Edinburgh: There are seven (seven!!!) art fests in the summer and just think of all the fresh wool!




So maybe I just want to go so I can sing this song by They Might Be Giants. Just kidding!

Australia – I’d have to see Melbourne, but koalas, kangaroos, penguins, and red rocks are at the top of the must-see list.



Avenue of the Boababs

Between The Little Prince and Zaboomafoo memories of my childhood, I’d say seeing this island beats the Bahamas.

Ireland - ALL OVER.

It’s weird how I say the least about the place I want to go to most. If I could only go to one country on this list (and there are more pins on the map than countries listed), it would be Ireland. I’ll save my reasoning for my Study Abroad application, I don’t want to give them any spoilers!

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