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Hey you! Yeah, you! Com’ere. Now listen carefully. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. There’s this document called The Loyola Factbook. It’s packed with information, and I don’t know how many people know about it, but it’s AMAZING. There are numbers on everything. Every major, every ethnicity, every professor, every grad student who comes here is part of this demographic booklet. And let me tell you, the numbers make sense! You can actually see the evidence in the student body. Now, pretend I’m just part of the wall and walk away slowly.

In all seriousness though, you should check it out. If you’ve ever stood on the stairs at Maryland Hall and looked out at the throngs of students passing by, you’ll see certain trends, and I’m not just talking about fashion. Just take a quick glance: the first thing you’ll notice is the amount of girls on campus.

True, you can see packs of guys walking together, but for the most part girls surround them, weave in and out, and generally overtake the population. (The exact number, by the way, is 61% and 39%. Class years vary, but they’re all pretty close.)

I know I’m about to lose you if I don’t stop with numbers and stats and vague commentary, so think about this and how it might relate to living with almost 2,400 girls and just over 1,500 guys:

An Official Girlfriend Application

Yes, you read that correctly. Application. When I first saw this circulating online, I just laughed. Whatever, right? But I’m starting to realize we live in a world where we make decisions based on statistics, friendships based on profiles, and relationships (boss, co-worker, professor, etc.) based on applications.

The Official Girlfriend Application

So, when it comes to living on a campus where guys are in high demand and everyone is fairly competitive, this application is very tempting to fill out and tape to my door. As a joke of course.

I’m also fairly certain that if/when my parents read this, they will have qualms about me releasing personal information (a concern I share). So, as fun as it would be to carry around this handy application, here are some tips to carry instead.

How To Survive On a Mostly Girls Campus and Maintain Your Sanity

  1. Be practical. I get it, you want to look fresh, cute, and catch the guy’s eye, but seriously folks. Those cobblestones on the bridge are not safe for stilettos! At any time of day! And guys, shorts and flip flops in February is a very debatable fashion choice.
  2. Be smart. I don’t mean this in a “take care of yourself way,” even though that’s true, too. Be smart and show your smarts. Feigning ignorance of knowledge in and out of class doesn’t garner respect for either gender.
  3. Be diverse. Try new activities, join new clubs, go to the FAC. Getting involved means getting to meet new people.
  4. Stay relaxed. You already have to concentrate on school, extra-curriculars, probably a job, maybe even an internship. Don’t stress about looking for a guy in such a competitive environment, especially if it distances you from other aspects of your life. The same goes for you strapping young lads out there. Just because there’s an abundance of girls doesn’t mean you should revel in excess.
  5. Stay silly. This goes with the relaxed bit. It’s OK to be goofy, to laugh so much your eyes tear, to freak out over your favorite band/book/TV show, to make silly faces at friends in public.
  6. Stay true to yourself. I know, it’s cliche, but it’s so vital to figuring out who you are and where you belong as a young adult. It’s more important to feel comfortable with yourself than try to fit into a mold you think others want.

I know this post probably resonated more with my girl readers, but guys, thank you for bearing with me!

The Official Boyfriend App

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