As I sit here eating my Lucky Charms and sipping very strong coffee on a Sunday afternoon, I can’t help but feel that the adult world I’m stepping into and the adolescent world I’m leaving behind sometimes come together in beautiful ways. You’d really expect them to clash which, believe me, they do, but this weekend my life seemed to be a bit more harmonious than usual.

It might be that it started out with not having my classes on Friday, thus giving me the afternoon to go into Towson and run some errands. That phrase alone, “running errands,” just makes any shopping experience sound more adult. Heck, I was just buying more paint and chilling out at Barnes and Noble for a while until I met up with my friend Emily to buy some groceries. While I was alone for that time I felt more relaxed and contemplative than I’ve been lately.

I’ve felt a little stuck in a rut creativity-wise. Overall I’ve been very productive, but originating ideas hasn’t been as easy or as frequent as usual. Which, as an artist and writer, is kind of crucial and a little worrisome. Taking that time to be by myself helped clear up some of that creativity block, though.

Later in the evening Emily came over for dinner: breakfast! Pancakes, bacon, and eggs, even freshly squeezed orange juice! Between the food, the singing, the dancing, and the joking around with awesome people, I had a relaxingly fun night.

Claire brought out her ukelele and serenaded us!

Emily making freshly squeezed OJ!

So much good food

I know all this might sound a bit humdrum, but prepare yourself, because I assure that the low-key atmosphere of my apartment on Friday became electrically charged on Saturday.

How, you ask?

Because we hosted a gaming night and it was awesome.

Remember how I joined the gaming society at UCC? Well, Erin and I were missing that weekly adventure of RPs, strategic thinking, and general geekiness, and we had a lot of games, so we decided invite a bunch of friends over for what turned out to be an unforgettable night.

And by “lots” of games, I mean: Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, Werewolf (think slightly more complex Mafia), Saboteur, Geek Out (trivia), a Firefly Card Game, and so many others.

And by “a bunch” of friends, I mean over 20 (during the course of the night, not all at once). If you had told me in high school that 1) I would know over 20 people who wanted to hang out and 2) these 20+ people had a shared love for general geekery and being goofy and that being with them is a beautiful thing, I wouldn’t have believed you. Parties and social events are usually the bane of an introvert’s existence, so I never would have thought I’d have so much fun mingling with so many people, let alone hosting them in my apartment.

This is only half the room. I've never had so many people over in my life.

Erin enjoying the food and company

In the end it isn’t the fact that I’m in a weird transition period that makes me stop to think, but it’s the way the two worlds I’m in between mix together. Yes, there was a sense of adult responsibility last night – everyone brought some kind of food and they mingled and had little chats – but there was an overwhelming youthfulness when the final group left at 3 a.m. after a wonky game of charades and I still had unspent energy.

I don’t know how long this period will last, but I hope it continues to surprise me and be as enjoyable as this weekend was.