The Age of Stupid

This past weekend, I sat down with my parents to watch The Age of Stupid, a “docudrama” (as my mom termed it) starring Pete Postlethwaite and directed by Franny Armstrong. Made in Britain in 2009, the film shows an apocalyptic world, with Postlethwaite looking back at our current decade to see where we went wrong. Mixing the predicted future with real footage and stories from the present creates a truly frightening depiction of what we are doing to the world. It explores issues such as energy, climate change, and consumerism, and how this has already affected the human species as well as the earth. From a British family who looks carefully at their carbon footprint and fights for wind farms around England to a Nigerian village that struggles with poverty as their country, paradoxically, becomes wealthy off of oil, the film explores different results of our actions. Even with the drama, the film sends an important message, asking that we contemplate our lifestyles and consider the differences we can make. Although often depressing to watch (the film’s premise surrounds our downfall), I found there was hope and motivation behind every story told.The film is available on Instant Netflix, and I think it is definitely worth putting on your queue.

This post was submitted by Megan Carlucci, student sustainability intern.

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