Project Clean Stream

Project Clean Stream successfully gathered 42 people on a Saturday morning to clean up and care for the environment around us. Focusing on the Loyola area and immediate surrounding community, 24 bags of trash were collected and properly disposed of. That’s 24 full bags of things that were dispersed across our environment. Additionally, everyone used their gardening skills to clear ivy off of native trees so that they have a chance to survive and flourish. Participants included members of biology, ecology and chemistry classes, as well as environmental activists and members of the community.

The project runs throughout Maryland annually, and is organized by Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend a few hours giving back to the community and get connected with others who are doing the same.

If you’re interested in participating at Loyola’s next Project Clean Stream event in either the fall or the spring, join the Facebook group, where updates will be posted and there will be opportunities to sign up.

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