Campion Dumpsters Get Makeover

Have you ever wondered which dumpster is meant for recycling and which one is for regular trash? Well, on October 5th, the Environmental Action Club did something about it. With help from the Campion RA’s, the dumpsters outside of the residence building received a facelift. The EAC used spray paint to make it more obvious as to which dumpsters were used for what. EAC president, Carolyn Carcel says, “Residents are given the opportunity to leave their mark on Loyola in a way that will benefit the community in years to come. I believe that people will take pride in their artwork and encourage other residents to throw their waste into the proper containers.”


As of now, dumpsters in Campion and Flannery have been painted in an effort to make students more aware of where to throw their trash. Take a look below at some of the work the students have done!


Here's a look at what the students accomplished...

For updates about meetings and other environmentally related issues and projects, visit the EAC’s Facebook page!



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