Have a Green Thanksgiving!

5 Easy Tips for a Great Green Thanksgiving…

There are many ways in which we as consumers can make Thanksgiving more sustainable. These simple tips will not only be a great investment in your community, but make your Thanksgiving dinner even tastier!

1) BUY LOCAL! Buying local goods from farmers markets or small neighborhood stores not only supports your community but can make your meal even better. Many times these products will be organic, which means that fewer or no pesticides will be used on your products. Buying local also means that the product didn’t have to travel far, leading to a smaller amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

2) START A GARDEN! While planting your own vegetable garden may not be the easiest thing to do, it will be fun and best of all save you money! Fresh vegetables in any meal will make the meal that much tastier… and you grew them yourself!

3) ADOPT A TURKEY! These days, turkeys and many other animals that we eat are raised in extremely cruel and inhumane conditions. By adopting a turkey, you can feel good about eating an animal that was raised properly, fed naturally and is hormone-free.

4) LEAVE THE LEFTOVERS! If you’re one of those people that doesn’t like to eat leftovers, there’s a more sustaibale alternative to throwing them in the trash. Creating a compost pile in the backyard will prevent the waste from your meal from going into a landfill. These leftovers will enhance your soil with nutrients that will benefit the vegetables you planted!

5) USE THE TAP! Drinking tap water can reduce the amount of plastic waste that will go in the trash and then to a land fill. If your tap water tastes funny or you’re just concerned about the water quality, invest in a water purifier that can be used over and over again. Who wants to drink out of a plastic water bottle on the Thanksgiving anyway?


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