Certified Sustainable Seafood At … McDonald’s?

McDonald’s will be the first U.S. restaurant chain to serve certified sustainable fish at each of it’s 14,000 locations nationwide. McDonald’s recently announced their new menu item, “Fish McBites,” which are produced using Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified Alaskan pollock.

The MSC is an independent non profit organization that makes standards to insure sustainable fishing and allows them to monitor the fish stock health, the fishery’s management system, and the impacts that the fishery has on the ecosystem.

When McDonald’s launches their new marketing campaign in February to introduce their new Fish McBites, the MSC label will be printed on all packaging to coincide with the campaign.

Although McDonald’s is one of the single largest buyers of fish in the United States, other large companies have followed suit in order to make a positive impact in the food and retail industry. By 2015, Target will only sell fish that is certified by the MSC. Whole Foods will take similar steps, and refrain from selling fish that is considered “not sustainable.”

Among it’s other products, McDonald’s is also striving to serve sustainable beef.






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