Corporate Sustainability: Trends of 2013

Over the last decade or so, companies around the world have adapted to the popular trend of “going green.” Here are some of the most popular sustainability trends of the upcoming year.


1) Technology is being utilized to find operation management efficiencies or drive sustainability into purchasing practices. These advancements allow companies to look at real-time data on a host of issues, such as carbon and water use, and make immediate recommendations that will conserve resources.

2) Growing interest in supply chain and product sourcing from consumers.Where was this product sourced? Who made the product and what were their working conditions? Were there any environmental impacts in the production cycle?

3) Corporate sustainability is less about the size of the staff and more about how people across the company are embedding sustainability throughout their work. A trend has begun to make sustainability a part of performance evaluations in an attempt to drive sustainability throughout an organization.

4) Increased focus on our natural resources. As our growing global population consumes more food and energy, businesses are competing for fresh water. Seventy percent of water is used for agriculture and 47 percent of the world’s population could be living under severe water stress by 2050.

5) Creating a sustainable business not only benefits the planet, but it also impacts people – from employees and consumers to partners and local communities where we do business. Through innovative partnerships and involvement from a multitude of stakeholders, an opportunity emerges to collaborate and spark real change.

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Source: Environmental Leader

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