DIY Wall Art

Fall at Loyola is in full bloom, and the colors this year are fantastic.  To preserve the beauty, follow these steps for pressing leaves in wax paper for quick, easy, and vibrant wall art to brighten up your dorm or home!          

  • Gather a few relatively flat leaves with low moisture content
  • Position individual leaves between two sheets of waxed paper
  • Placing a t-shirt or rag on an ironing board first (so as to protect the board from melted wax), put your leaf/wax paper “sandwich” on top, and then place another t-shirt/rag on top of this
  • Heat the iron to high, but NO steam!
  • Slowly and gently run the iron back and forth over the rag.  As soon as the paper has begun to seal, press hard on the iron, holding for 4-5 seconds on each spot.
  • Lift the rag to check if the paper has melted and sealed around the leaves.  You will be able to see them clearly if it has.
  • Allow the leaves, still between the two sheets of wax paper, to cool.  Cut them out, being sure not to cut immediately up against the leaves so as to ensure that the wax paper will hold its seal.

Enjoy! These leaf decorations will last for months at a time.

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