GoodGuide App Helps Locate Green Products

Did you ever worry about how “green” the products are that you are purchasing at thegrocery store? Well, your worries are over thanks to the GoodGuide app! The GoodGuide app is an iPhone application that gives shoppers the power to seek out socially conscious products, right in the palm of their hand. This new barcode scanner application takes from scientific information on the health, environmental and social performances for more than 50,000 companies. This application provides an instant rating for the product scanned by the shopper.

By just simply scanning the barcode of their favorite hair care product, food product, or cleaning supply, consumers are able to find out details they never knew before about their favorite products. The app rates products on a scale from 1 to 10, assigning scores for their effects on health, the environment and society as well as an overall quality score. You can also see all of the rated products of GoodGuide through the app.

So why not make each day a little more green? The app is free!

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