Green Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, Americans will eat over 46 million turkeys- that’s one sixth of all turkeys sold in the US each year.  Enjoy the delicious meal, but try to pay attention to how, what, and the amount you eat this year for the sake of your health and our environment.  Let’s show some gratitude to Mother Nature.  Here are some tips for a healthy thanksgiving, both for you and our earth:

  • Be concious of waste.  Some ways to do this include taking an inventory of what food items you have before you grocery shop, so you know exactly what you need. Also, have plans for your leftovers after the big day.
  • Pick a perfect turkey.  Here are some options for turkeys that are both earth and wallet friendly:
      • Certified Organic/Naturally Grown- These turkeys have been fed organic feed all their lives and have never been treated with antibiotics.
      • Pastured- A turkey that has been raised outside with ample room to move around.
      • Free-Range- A turkey raised free from confinement for its whole life, though it may have been kept in a barn. 
  • Buy local.  Side items like sweet potatoes or onions can easily be found at nearby farmers markets
  • Use china and cloth napkins.  It may sound appealing to use paper plates and napkins to make the after-dinner clean up easy, especially after a long day of preparation, but china and cloth is more eco-friendly.  This prevents the wasteful use of trees for disposables.
  • Polish silver without toxic cleaners.  Standard silver polish often contains harsh chemicals, like ammonia.  Choose a polish made from natural ingredients.

These tips will hopefully be of help, but more than anything, enjoy the day with family and friends!

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