Welcome Back!

It’s the start of another semester at Loyola and we’re hoping that this will be our greenest semester yet! We have a lot of things going on and we’re excited about the progress that we’re going to make in the first half of 2014.

Loyola Unplugged

Loyola Unplugged is part of the national Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN)  competition that runs on college campuses every spring. CCN allows schools to compete internally or with other campuses across the country. Loyola Unplugged is going to be run internally this year and will be held between all the dorm buildings.

The competition window this year will be between March 24th and April 14th, giving us a three week period to measure energy use. During those weeks, we will be posting new energy reduction tips on digital signage every day, as well as planning fun events to help keep students engaged. Do you have any ideas for events you would like to see on campus during the competition? Submit your ideas!

Recycling and Composting

Recycling and composting are HOT topics on campus right now! We are currently performing another survey of all the quad buildings to determine the most appropriate layout for recycling/landfill bins on campus. Work in an office and want to get an update? Email Elle Everhart and have her come out to your next department meeting. We are currently developing new signage for the bins and new educational materials to hand out to offices across campus.

Composting is also currently in the works at Boulder. We are working with Waste Neutral, a company based in Baltimore, to remove our food waste from campus. We are going to begin our efforts with the prep area in Boulder’s kitchen and are currently developing efforts to move composting out to the student body. Have suggestions or want to help? Contact us!

Green Office Program

The Green Office Program is now in its second semester and we’ve made a lot of progress in the participating departments so far. So far, nine departments are participating: Facilities, York Road Initiative, Writing, The School of Education, Research and Sponsored Programs, History and Classics, Communication, Alcohol and Drug Education Support Services, and Academic Affairs. We are very excited to have these programs participating and we hope to expand our reach this semester.

In order to participate, offices fill out a survey that details what “green” actions the office already completes and lists what “green” actions the office would like to start pursuing. These surveys are emailed to Elle Everhart (Program Assistant for Budget and Sustainability) and she adds the office to the official list. Offices receive a monthly GO Rep (Green Office Representative) newsletter and are invited to participate in meetings during the semester (typically no more than one or two meetings per semester). Interested in participating? Email Elle Everhart to get started.


All in all, we’re glad to be back for the spring semester and we can’t wait to get started on all our fun projects!

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