Loyola Unplugged Begins Today!


Loyola Unplugged is an energy reduction competition that will be held annually here at Loyola University Maryland. The competition is sponsored by Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN), a group that allows our university to either compete internally or between other universities across the county. In our inaugural year, we decided to host the competition between all the dorm buildings on campus. Our goal is to get students excited about reducing their energy consumption and to help them understand why it is important to do so. Energy usage is tied into many complicated systems and, ultimately, our energy consumption will impact every single person on the planet.

Loyola Unplugged will run from March 25th through April 15th, spanning three weeks. During this time, students can expect several different communications from the Loyola Unplugged organizing team. Digital signage will feature a different energy reduction tip each day, our Twitter (@LoyolaUnplugged) and Facebook (facebook.com/LoyolaUnplugged) will be a source for live updates, and the RAs across campus will be working to spread knowledge to their students throughout the competition.

We are really excited to be working with our campus partners and hope that we can expand that base in the coming years. We hope that, as our competition grows, it can become a cornerstone to student life here at Loyola.

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