Loyola MTS at SBLAAR

If you’re interested in following our progress through the upcoming national AAR SBL gathering (American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature), happening in Baltimore this weekend, we’ve compiled our different efforts below. You can also follow our twitter feed and Facebook timeline for more information than you probably care to have.

Wednesday, 20

  • ETS panel–Wed. 3-6:10: The Theology of Karl Barth: Barth as Expositor of Scripture, feat Steve Fowl, “Karl Barth’s exegesis of Eph 1:4.” Hilton, Peale C.
  • ETS panel–Wed. 3-6:10: Method in Systematic Theology: An Evangelical Thomas?A Review of Frederick Bauerschmidt’s Thomas Aquinas: Faith, Reason and Following Christ (OUP, 2013), feat. Fritz Bauerschmidt. BCC345.

Friday, 22

  • 7-9:30pm: Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality, “An Invitation to Conversation: Perspectives from Health Care Professionals and Scholars of Spirituality” (sponsored by Loyola MTS), feat. Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner. The University of Maryland Medical Center (Main Building, Weinberg Old Learning Center Classroom 6, 22. S. Greene Street).

Saturday, 23

  • S23-210–1-3:30: Christian Theology and the Bible, The Tropological Sense of Imprecatory Psalms, Rebekah Eklund presiding. Harborview 1 – Sheraton Inner Harbor
  • A23-222/S23-211–1-3:30: Eastern Orthodox Studies Group and SBL Development of Christian Theology Grouppanel discussion of THE UNITY OF CHRIST by Christopher Beeley, feat. Steve Fowl. CC342

Sunday, 24

  • S24-145–9-11:30: Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Review of R. Walter Moberly, Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture (Baker Academic, 2013), feat. Claire Mathews McGinnis. CC301-2
  • A24-106–9-11:30: Christian Systematic Theology section, feat. Matthew Moser, “Prayer as a Christological Mode of Existence.” CC328
  • M24-401–6:30-8:30: Discussing The First Thousand Years with Robert Louis Wilken (sponsored by Loyola MTS), feat. Angela Russell Christman, Jim Buckley, John Cavadini (ND), Lois Farag (Luther), and Robert L. Wilken (UVA). Marriott Inner Harbor-Grand Ballroom West

Monday, 25

  • A25-134–9-11:30: Science, Technology and Religion Group, feat. John Kiess, “Religion, Science and Democracy.” CC319
  • S25-114–9-11:30: panel discussion of CHARITY by Gary Anderson, feat. Steve Fowl. CC321.
  • S25-209–1-3:30: Christian Theology and the Bible, The Tropological Sense of Scripture, feat. Angela Russell Christman, “Like the Noon-Day Sun: Ambrose of Milan’s Homilies on Psalm 119.” CC332

Also, friend of Loyola MTS, Andrew Davison, will be presenting in the following panels:

  • M23-105–Sat, 9-12:30: Society for the Study of Anglicanism, Old Church Labels (High, Low, etc.) Do Not Work Anymore? – Or Do They? Sheraton Inner Harbor-Chesapeake I
  • A25-312–Mon, 4-6: Teaching Religion Section, Teaching About Self and Other. Hilton Baltimore-Poe

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