Memory Tip: Be an Attention Seeker

When it comes to recalling information, it’s all about attention. In order for your thoughts on Theology to flow from short-term to long-term memory, you need to focus on the material with a minimum number of disruptions.

This means turning off your i-phone, email, and any other distractions. If you can’t live without them, reward yourself by checking them after you’ve studied for half hour (or after however long it takes for you to start squirming in pain). A little concentration will go a long way!


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One thought on “Memory Tip: Be an Attention Seeker

  1. In this day and age it is so easy to get distracted with digital devices. Even if you are working on a paper and need to do research online, your 15 minute search for information can turn into an hour of aimlessly surfing social media sites. Set up a special place just for studying that is free from as many distractions as possible, to help you keep focused.

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