Mastering Multiple Choice

Multiple choice exams may not seem so challenging when compared to essay tests, but sometimes they can stump even the most studious students. Here are a few tricks that can help you improve your chances of becoming a multiple choice champ:

  • Read the ENTIRE question SLOWLY and try to come up with an answer yourself—BEFORE looking at the options. Then look down to see if your response is on the list of choices. Sometimes the answer options can plant crazy ideas in your head, if you are unsure. Go with your first gut response—that’s usually right.
  • Cross out answers you know to be incorrect.
  • For questions that have “All of the above” as an answer option, see if there are at least two correct statements. If so, “All of the above” will likely be the correct answer.
  • A positive answer choice is more likely to be correct than a negative answer choice. So when in doubt, go with the positive!
  • More often than not, the choice with the most information is the correct answer. So if you are completely unsure of an answer, choose the longest one.

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