Take Control and Conquer Your Coursework

The start of every semester brings a new set of projects and deadlines. Here are some tips to help you take charge so you can ace whatever comes your way!

  • Get into the thrill of the syllabus. Okay. So syllabi don’t exactly qualify as beach reading. BUT, they are one of the best ways to know EXACTLY what sort of assignments and deadlines you are up against. They indicate precisely what your professor wants from you and when.
  • Tame the time management Cyclops. Syllabi are a helpful first step to time management. Not only is it helpful to read your syllabi, but it’s also a good idea take critical deadlines from them and enter them into a daily planner (you do have one, right?). When you do this for all of your classes, all of your deadlines are in one centralized place. Once you can see where your deadlines fall in relation to one another, you’ll get a sense of how much time you need to devote to each project.
  • Adopt a Routine. While most of us have every intention of executing our to-do list, quite often, at the end of most days, we realize we haven’t made much progress at all. We often cannot control what happens in the middle of our day, but we have some say as to how we start and end our days. Try doing your most important tasks first thing in the morning or right before you go to bed. Once you make this a habit, you won’t have to decide whether to do a critical task first thing in the morning—you’ll just do it because it is part of your routine.

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