Take Note of Your Note Taking

How many times have you struggled to stay awake in the lecture hall and told yourself that it’s okay because you can just learn the material by reading the Power Point slides?

Let’s face it: sometimes we just don’t feel like learning. However, note taking is important, because it forces you to listen and cues you into what the professor finds important in the text (in other words, what will likely be on the exam).

Here are some tips to help you take better notes:

  • Briefer is better. Never use full sentences (unless you are quoting). Be consistent in your use of abbreviations and symbols. DO NOT take notes in shorthand, because they cannot be studied in shorthand.
  • The majority of notes should be in your own words. This will help you remember the material better. Exceptions to this are formulas, definitions, and specific facts.
  • Don’t write down every single thing you hear. Focus on the main points. Concentrate on the “heart” of the subject and forget the extras.
  • Keep notes in order by date and in one place.
  • Review your notes regularly. We recommend reading through them each week, even if you don’t have an exam coming up.

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