Managing Midterm Mania

Before you bust out your bathing suit and bolt for spring break, you will likely have to face much maligned midterms. But taking the mid-semester test doesn’t have to be all that bad—as long as you prepare.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. The first step is figuring out what you need to study. Look over the syllabus, and ask your professor what potential topics might be covered on the exam.
  2. Next, make short summaries of every topic. Highlight areas of difficulty and ask your professor to clarify them.
  3. Once you have summarized the gist of each topic, you are ready to master the specifics with flashcards. By writing down information on flashcards, the studying is already halfway done. You can bring flashcards anywhere and save time by studying in unlikely places—like a long line at Starbucks. (There are other ways to review material too—check out The Study’s Learning Styles workshops.)
  4. Come into The Study for a tutoring review session.
  5. Make sure to get a good night’s rest the day before the exam—at least seven hours, if possible.
  6. Once the exam is over, pack your bags. Cancun is calling!

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