Make Short Work of Your Long Term Projects

Long term assignments can challenge even the most poised project planners. The trick is to take control early.

Here is a plan to show you how:

  1. Break down your behemoth undertaking into three to four major tasks.
  2. Each of these tasks should then be broken down into clearly-defined small steps.
  3. Once you’ve identified these small steps, determine how long it will take to complete each one.
  4. Look at the project deadline, and working back from there, figure out the deadline for each small step.
  5. In your daily planner (You do have a daily planner, don’t you?), write down the details of what you need to do next for the deadline (What books do you have to read by then? How many pages need to be written by then?).
  6. Relish the feeling as you check off each completed deadline.
  7. Ideally, budget your time so you finish the project at least two days before the deadline. This way, you can make edits or address any unforeseen issues.
  8. Sleep restfully, knowing that you have a plan and it’s all under control!



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