So Long, Summer Sun. Hello, Getting Work Done.

As September sets in, summer memories of mountains and marinas slowly begin to recede…

But coming back to campus is not all bad, especially if you take control during the first few weeks of your return. Here are some tips to help you get back into the swing of things so you can have a successful semester:

  1. Baby your syllabus. When you get your hands on it, don’t let it go. This little document holds the key to your success. Once you have all of your syllabi, enter all the due dates in a master calendar. Analyze your calendar and look for the crunch times. This will help you figure out when to start on assignments—write those times into your calendar as well.
  2. Start studying ASAP. It’s not always the most fun approach, but studying early on in the semester will reap big rewards when it comes time for exams. While your friends will be drooling and cursing themselves during all-night cram sessions, you’ll be relaxed and refreshed for test day.
  3. Make connections right away. Meeting new people in class isn’t always easy. But it’s far easier to meet people before cliques start. The best way to get to know your classmates is to simply lean over and introduce yourself. Hopefully, you can make some new friends. At minimum, you can get a few email addresses to contact people if you miss a class and need to copy someone’s notes.
  4. Get to know your professor. If you are lost in class, don’t hesitate to see your professor during office hours (see your syllabus for this information!). Professors are more receptive to struggling students who take the initiative to contact them. They will try to help you themselves, or provide you with resources that can. Even if you are not struggling, it’s great to try to get to know your professors. You’ll need to get recommendations from someone, so have them get to know you as well.


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