Boost Your Résumé Bit by Bit

Many college students worry they have to engage in exotic activities to bolster their résumé. Let’s say you are a business major. It could be satisfying to explain to a potential employer that you did a marketing internship in Madrid, but you don’t necessarily need to cross the globe to acquire résumé building activities. Sometimes, all you need to do is simply cross your campus.

Are there any on-campus business clubs you can join? Better yet, does the club have any leadership positions available? Other résumé enhancing activities include any community service or volunteer positions. And if you don’t have any, try to volunteer a couple hours a month for a cause where you can use your business savvy.

Lastly, don’t forget to include any awards and scholarships. If you don’t have any under your belt, apply! You’ll have nothing to lose, and who knows, your efforts may earn you bragging rights even better than an internship in Madrid.

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