Unpacking the Excess Baggage

As we settle into our dorms for the beginning of a new semester (or a first semester for many!), we all come to school carrying some type of baggage, whether it be from home-sickness, a recent break-up, or my case: a lack of luggage (literally lost luggage!)
I flew British Airways from Newark, NJ to Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK and somehow my luggage got misplaced, so I arrived in Newcastle with only my backpack and a carry-on! At least with my particular situation I was given the opportunity (err, I didn’t really have a choice haha) to pack lightly for our trip to London as well as release my grip I had on my Blackberry and give up constant contact with my Facebook account with the lack of phone service and WiFi.

My friend Christina and I(right) at King Cross Station in London, UK

While at times I felt as if I were in a third world country without phone service and internet connection, I quickly began to enjoy the freedom and appreciated my new surroundings without the dependence on technology I previously had.
As we start this new year, we should try to pay more attention to what is in front of us in person rather than the profile of some cute football player on FB. We all should take into consideration that everyone is basically in the same situation as us… Getting back into the swing of school and finding a reasonable balance between our academic and social lives. We can better accept others’ attitudes and mood-swings when we think of how people react differently to situations and give them some slack rather than sling an attitude back. Additionally, we can control our own outbreaks and frustrations just by knowing that others are in the same situation and we can even try embracing the chaos of a new school year rather than stressing over it! All it takes is a little patience and we’ll soon be halfway through the semester!
Wishing all you students a great school year!
From Newcastle,
Victoria :)

One thought on “Unpacking the Excess Baggage

  1. Have a great learning experience in Newcastle. Be sure to catch a soccer match. Hope you can use some of what you learned in class in Baltimore to thrive in Newcastle.

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