Time Management: Loyola Style

As Greyhounds, we take GTL very seriously (you know- as part of our motto of ‘Mind, Body, Soul’) but sometimes it’s hard to fit everything into our hectic schedules. So this week, I’m writing to help everyone figure out how to manage school, work, and play.
We all have 5 classes(at least), not to mention a club or two, and like many in the student body- I also enjoy getting in my daily workout at the FAC. So how are we suppoed to survive the daily grind without getting stressed out or burned out??
Well, as a wise, old junior I’ve come up with a few tips for my fellow ‘hounds:

  1. Make(and keep) plans and study times in your planner(by the end of your 4 years, it’ll be your bff).
  2. Get enough sleep, simple as that!
  3. If you need help in a subject -or even formal study hours- get a tutor from the Study, they’re free and there for your benefit! ….Click here for the Study’s website!
  4. De-stress by your own means of stress-release. For me, it’s the gym, but it can be at the park, reading, wherever and whatever you need to re-coop from the pressure of the day.
  5. Stay on top of your schoolwork… I know it piles up VERY quickly, so refer to numero uno.
  6. Use the weekend as just that… Go to the Inner Harbor for a few hours, or take a day trip to DC (MARC tickets are only $7) so you really can’t go wrong! We all need to take a chunk of time to forget about school for a few hours as to prevent burnout- which can end up harming you more than forgetting about your homework one night.
  7. As silly as this sounds, have a support group in place. I don’t mean a legit therapy group (unless that’s your thing) but rather a network of friends, family, and even professors who can recognize when things are out of sorts in your life. Your friends won’t be afraid to call you out when you’re acting weird, so take their criticism kindly as they are likely just watching your back.
  8. Get out and have fun! You have 4 years in college to go (a little) crazy, so use it to your advantage! There won’t be another time where learning and fun are as synonymous as they are now. We have college as a learning experience, and that means both in- and outside of the classroom.

Hope these help as midterms are starting back at Loyola!!

Some news from Newcastle… I had the pleasure of visiting Dublin, Ireland this weekend and had an amazing time with some of the girls in the program! See some of my pictures below!

At St. Stephen's Green!

At the Gravity Bar at the Guiness Storehouse

Enjoying our 1st Guiness at the Storehouse in Dublin!

Trinity College Campus

Trinity College Campus

  Until next week Hounds!
Victoria :)

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