Get Ready for… Registration!!

Hopefully you’ve all survived midterms back at Loyola!! We’re only in the 4th week of classes here, so I’m coming along well so far!

In under 2 weeks I’ll be partaking in the sacred (and stressful) ritual of Registration for next semester.

If you’re a freshman, you won’t fully understand the art of creating a beautiful and miraculous schedule just yet. Everyone else will enjoy reminiscing on the toils of registration….

There’s the “Registration Time” scenario: aka you have a registration time past 2 p.m.(very heart-breaking, trust me, I’ve been there!)… I somehow lucked out with a 7:30 a.m. registration time, aka lunchtime here lol!

There’s the “Overlapping Classes” issue: aka you have the right classes picked out, but then realize they overlap = NO, you actually aren’t allowed to take them sorry!

And finally there’s the worst scenario of all…. “Upperclassmen Stealing Your Classes” : aka you cry every time another space fills up in Sign Language or Basket-weaving (oh wait, we don’t have the latter!). I can also admit that I won’t have this problem as badly as previous semesters!

Now, I have some solid recommendations to avoid the (quite normal) freshman break-down during registration…

  • Go to registration prepared! Let’s repeat it together, PREPARED. Don’t be like many of my friends freshman year who decided to wing it and ended up having their friends plan their schedules for them, Christy this is your one and only shout-out!
  • Also, it’ll be significantly easier if you come to registration with other options for classes, so if you don’t get your first choices, you can hopefully maneuver some variation of classes you’ll enjoy – maybe you’ll have to sacrifice a core requirement for one of your major classes you hoped to get in earlier, but at least you’ll have 5 classes!
  • If you don’t get what you need there’s two options:
  • Add/Drop : Your new favorite site -you’ll be on it significantly more than Facebook until you get the classes you want!
  • Over-Ride Forms : Departments use them to determine if they need to add another class to the schedule, so definitely fill one out even if you plan to do add/drop! Since there might be a whole different section opening!

Now fly my young ducklings, I have faith that you’ll all succeed with my great advice! (Mostly since I’ve survived all the toils of registration I listed above!)

In other news, I spent the weekend in Newcastle – quite a change I know! – but it was very enjoyable!

Friday night a bunch of my flatmates and I joined another floor for the BioSoc Social. I rode a mechanical bull for the first time! Also, you may be thinking… Victoria isn’t a Bio major is she? No, I am not, but I learned some great Bio jokes to try to fit in with all my Bio(& many non-Bio) counterparts!

How many cells does it take to screw in a light bulb? an infinite amount, they keep replicating! (trust me, I don’t get it either!!)

My new Bio pick-up line: Can I be your DNA heliocase and unzip your genes? (I didn’t know Bio jokes were so naughty!)

Saturday we went to an Ale and Cider-tasting at the Newcastle Cricket Club and discovered a new, delicious deli on the other side of town (I’ll definitely be returning for a turkey-brie-cranberry sandwich!!)

Sunday was my re-coop day, where I finally just got to chillax and organize my life, it was all sorts of amazing/relaxing/re-energizing!

Finally, I joined a gym in the city center (spelled ’centre’ here) last week! I’m glad to have found a reasonably inexpensive membership so as I can still get a workout without breaking my back, err I mean bank!

Have a good week ‘Hounds!
Victoria :)

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