Making the Most of the Career Center

I hate to harp on this since I know everyone does already but I promise it’s for a good reason! The Loyola career center has a wealth of information to aid you in preparing for interviews, writing resumes, and applying for jobs.

We are fortunate enough to have a career center that is in touch with the companies of Baltimore. Every week I get a lovely email from the career center with job and internship postings. I can easily log into Hounds for Hire and submit my resume for the posting I find interesting and if the company likes my resume, boom, I’ll get an email or phone call back, simple as that!

I’m mentioning this to you, my dearest Hounds, because I want you to take advantage of it before it’s too late! Internships for next summer are already up! So don’t procrastinate and go have a looksy since we have a lot of great companies recruiting from Loyola.

Now, I get that the process is daunting (I may seem like a pro, scoff, but it still is to me as well!), but you have to suck it up and just do it like Nike because the feeling of accomplishment when you perfect your resume, submit a great cover letter, or get a call from an employer makes all the hard work pay off. If you need help revising send the career center a quick email with your resume attached and someone can get it back to you in a couple days!

Get your name out there early and often! If you are looking to intern for a specific company, get in contact with someone at the career center, and I mean call or go into the office since it’ll be the quickest way to get in contact with a real person. Emails are great for resume revisions, but in these occasions face-to-face meetings add more value! So make a 15-minute appointment with a career adviser and they can help with anything and everything, from your resume to getting you in contact with the company you’re interested in. After the application process, they can then help with mock interviews to give you some self-confidence when you go for the real deal.

Just a reminder: keep it real. Nothing is more awkward when you lie on your resume about speaking a language or falsifying your responsibilities in a job position because you think it will look good. Let us recall the moment in Confessions of Shopaholic when Rebecca Bloomwood (aka our favorite shopaholic) pretends to speak Finnish and then ends up being introduced to a man who tries to speak Finnish to her and she pretends to know what she’s talking about. I digress by saying, DON’T pretend to speak a language you don’t know! and DON’T pretend to have done more than you really did in your previous positions. If you need help making ‘babysitting’ sound good … go to the career center.

Back on track: Interviewers want to know the real you, not just who you wrote down on paper. To help figure out who the real you is try this simple exercise:
1. Get a piece of paper - the hardest step!
2. Write down five things you’re good at (a sport, analyzing passages for class, organizing, etc.) – these can turn into your skills on your resume.
3. Write down five areas you want to improve on (spelling, summarizing, communication, getting your point across, etc.) – these don’t need to go on your resume, but are helpful to know in an interview because you’ll likely be asked!
4. Do this exercise every few months because once you recognize your weaknesses you can tend to start correcting them!

Good luck my ‘Hounds, I know you’ll appreciate this tidbit of info one day.

From Newcastle with love,
Victoria :)

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