Christmas in England

As I prepare to head back to the States for Christmas I have noticed some of the same traditions and quite a few different ones from what we practice.

Many of the Brits attend a pantomime, which is a show for all ages! I had the pleasure of attending a ‘panto’ for my English class, and was completely entertained! The whole point of the panto is to get the audience involved. It was such a riot seeing the cross-dressing Dame and her (or is it his?) outfits, such as a Chinese take-out container with pom-poms and the interesting fishbowl with some goldfish swimming around inside! It’s a popular form of holiday entertainment and many of my English friends have said it’s a tradition in their family to see one each holiday season!

'Father Christmas' and I

Another difference is that many call Santa by a different name: Father Christmas. Our Loyola group went to York for the day to go to York Minster, the York Castle Museum, and the Christmas market. I finally got a picture with Father Christmas at the castle (while there was a line of children waiting behind us!). Also, I found out that Santa Claus has been wearing the wrong colors in America ever since Coca-Cola did an advert using Santa in a RED coat instead of the traditional green! (Oops, I thought America had it all right!)

While they might call Santa a different name they still have wonderful Christmas trees. We stopped in the center before we left York to get a picture next to their great Christmas tree:

Caga Tios fill a market stand outside the Catedral de Barri Gotic

I just got back from Barcelona last night where I had a fabulous last trip tasting the great food and seeing the sights of the city! In Spain they have these little wooden logs called Caga Tio that children are supposed to ‘watch after’ (as in cover with a blanket and feed him Turron) until Christmas Eve when it supposedly ‘poos’ treats for the good children after dinner.


Good luck on all your finals Hounds and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
I’ll see you back on campus in January!

My last post from Newcastle with love,
Victoria :)

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