Back to campus

Well, it certainly feels great to be back on campus, despite the fact that I am concurrently taking finals from Newcastle!

I only have one more final for Cognitive Psych which shouldn’t be too bad since it’ll be a multiple choice exam, thankfully! It’s been weird being back on campus seeing familiar faces and at the same time missing all my friends from England and uni over there.

To get out of my slump, I’ve thrown myself into organizing my life so that when I’m finished my finals, I can transition easily to focusing solely on Loyola classes. This may seem completely mundane, but it really puts my mind at ease knowing that everything is orderly.

Also, I’ve started to form my school routine and figure out when the best time to go to the gym and get groceries will be.

Fridays will definitely be the highlight of my semester, as I am interning for Northwestern Mutual again and I can’t wait to get to learn more about the investment side of the firm. I really enjoyed the hands-on experience I had last year and I hope to achieve even more this year!

I also get to return to my lovely tour guide position where I’ll get to talk to all the potential students, which is so fun because I remember when I was applying and visiting college campuses and it’s just nice to be a part of their visits and ultimately their decisions.

Another club I’m excited to get back into is Forensics Society, best known as Speech and Debate! We’re trying to recruit more students, so if you’re interested get in contact with me!! We should be heading to a few competitions this season in the surrounding states so I’ll definitely be busy!

Finally, I’m most excited about my new role as a Student Board Member of the New England Chapter of the Alumnae Association. I know what you’re thinking: ambitious. And yes, I am, but only because I want the best for all my New Englanders who may find it hard to find Loyola connections at home. Apparently, New Englanders make up 14% of the current Loyola population strong which means I have some work to do on getting together a networking event for us to attend!

I’ll get back to you next week!
From Loyola with love,
Victoria :)

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