Remembering campus

While the last few weeks have been a whirlwind with finals from Newcastle, settling in to my room, and remembering all the friends I had on campus, it has finally come to a little bit of a normal schedule. The only thing is: I’ve forgotten where some of the buildings are  (surprising yet momentary lapse in memory). But not to worry, I remember all the relatively important ones are … aka I don’t think there are any more to remember!

My top priority (after classes of course!) is the FAC, after gaining the ‘Study Abroad 15′… and if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a new trend aka it’s completely made it up. I’ve always been an avid FAC user so it’s nice getting to see familiar faces again, not to mention the ability to use it at great hours. You will definitely see me at those 7 a.m. spin classes (unless my alarm doesn’t go off, hhhmmmm wonder how that happened?)

It’s been a little harder for me to embrace Baltimore after Newcastle, especially being from Boston after the Pats-Ravens game, when I literally cried … Nonetheless I’ve started to remember street names and those little places I used to love going. Recently, my roommate actually introduced me to Buffalo Wild Wings at the White Marsh mall, and I’m now slightly obsessed with their boneless Honey BBQ boneless wings.

But I’ve also come to appreciate campus more in the sense that the farthest walk from Bellarmine is the library which only takes 10 or so minutes, which is much shorter than my walk to classes in England!

A final note about adjusting back to campus: I’m still learning where everyone lives and the fact that I don’t have anyone’s number anymore, sooo getting in touch with people has become limited to FB messages. Yes, my life has been reduced to a joke.

All I can say is thank goodness for internet on my Blackberry again! I definitely missed constant internet access (well that and the map app.) Finally, I’m able to navigate instead of relying on Google directions I typed into a blank text message and then asking people along our route.

While I haven’t made it off campus too much yet since I don’t really count getting groceries as a social outing, I did have the pleasure of attending ACA’s Chinese New Year with two of my roomies, Laurel and Lexy, and my friend Christina (who I’ve known since summer O – just goes to show how people stay friends after all this time!)

I do plan on going into the city for the Super Bowl this Sunday which will be a blast if the Ravens win (even though I’m NOT a Ravens fan).

Until next week Hounds,
Victoria :)

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