Life in Baltimore

I’m exhausting my ‘study abroad’ topics… essentially because I’m desperate to make my life as similiar as possible to that in Newcastle (this includes daily dinner tea- which is really lunch to the Brits!).

As you might be able to guess… I’ve caught the culture bug.
I’ve noticed since I’ve gotten back all I want to do is travel and learn about other cultures.
Just this past weekend, I took the MARC train to DC on Friday afternoon to visit family!
First off, the MARC ticket is only $5.75 with your Student Advantage card- and still only $7 without!

So I went to DC to visit family and have dinner… this lead to a cultural experience in and of itself- we celebrated Chinese New Year with homemade Sweet and Sour Soup and Cashew Chicken!

As you can see I had some munchkins who provided me a better-than-abroad adventure playing flashlight tag & double piggy-back rides! So, my traveling bug was minorly cured after going to DC and experiencing a set-back with the return train. I missed it, oops! I had a 10:30 train and we were having such a good time that I was 10 seconds late to Union Station… aka I got to watch the MARC train pull out of the station. While it made me want to cry at first, I embraced the spontaneity of the moment and decided to explore the area around Union Station.

While it was not my idea of a Friday night, I ended up loving the little adventure I had!
Now, the next place I’m planning on visiting is…. HOME, for Spring Break.
But I do turn 21 over break, so you can be sure I’ll have a lot of new territory to explore in town when I get back!!

Until next week ‘hounds,
Victoria :)


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