Hopefully, you haven’t missed me too much in my absence!

I’ve been running around like a crazy woman, trying to get a handle on my priorities and get my life in order!

So, in my aim to find the root cause of this mis-management we’ll go back a few weeks when it started….

The week prior to Spring Break was mayhem: 3 exams and just over-flowing with homework assignments and the tutor appointments.
Finally, Friday rolls around and I peace out from Loyola.
This is the point where I was deceived…. this was not spring break: I really had work, but the only thing I brought home was my Finance notebook to finish transcribing notes I had taken. Alas, this did not happen either (it was busy work, but I figured I might get some in!).
So, other than turning 21 over break, nothing really important happened, I worked a few days at Dunkies for the extra cash, but really I had a ton of time where I COULD have been doing work, but I neglected it and did so very well by NOT bringing it home.

While I slightly regret not coming back after break more prepared and refreshed (& organized) I really did finally get to relax – mind you my mother still had to remind (depress me) about taxes and the fin aid deadline, it was nice to just lounge, I admit it.

So here we are, 2 weeks after spring break and I’m still feeling the repurcussions. Also, St. Paddy’s didn’t really help for this past weekend… I did minimum work and am paying for procrastinating now…

I’m admitting it: I am overwhelmed by the amount of work I have due this week and the week to come.

BUT there’s a solution!!
I’ve made a LIST – best use of a post-it-note – and have thus prioritized the work i need to get done on one….. On the other, I’ve written the deadlines (or time to get it done).
Obviously, this was my top priority because I haven’t posted in a while!
After I finish here I sadly have to complete more tedious assignments including a review sheet for Information Systems, more note transcription, and an assortment of homework assignments. But thankfully it’s already Tuesday!! and only a week and a day until Easter break!

In other news, I interviewed at Morgan Stanley for their Operations Analyst Summer internship, so pray I get the position!!

St. Paddy’s Day was a total blast: Everyone on our floor had friends over, so we saw 100 different people without even leaving the building!!
My friend Tom and I were wishing for luck from St. Patrick for the call from Morgan Stanley, so hopefully it got through to him!!!

Have a great week my ‘Hounds!!

Love and Luck,
Victoria :)



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