Reminiscing on what could be… don’t!

Do you ever look back and feel that you missed out on something? Whether it be a concert you really wish you could have attended last summer (that all your friends still talk about, scoff- Countryfest) or that intramural team you should have started last semester (lol – Basketball DreamTeam Jen??), we all may have regrets about not taking the initiative to get involved. Don’t you worry, I’m here to help ease the pain of that could-be nostalgia….

Some tips on having non-regrets:

1. You CANNOT be everywhere, all the time- It’s simply not possible!
I assure you, that while you may think you missed out, you were probably busy!! I know I always have something going on, but if something is THAT important, obviously I’ll make the time to fit it in – like the Cherry Blossom festival next weekend! I purposely carved out some time next Friday night/Saturday morning to go to DC…. on the other hand, Rally in the Ally does NOT count, so sorry my loves. BUT if that were something that was of dire importance you would make time if you really wanted, right? … Exactly.

2. Life will always bring you an opportunity that will make up for, if not bypass, the supposed ‘regret’- I’m a firm believer in fate, so I think there will always be another (hopefully better) chance coming if I feel that I have missed out on something! Why is this true even if you don’t believe in fate like silly-old-me?? Because you simply recognize the fact that you would like to seize that experience if it comes around again! Additionally, it will be more meaningful this time around since you are acting on your desire and thus appreciate this opportunity more than you would have done so originally! (Hope that was not too hard to understand, if you get what I mean?) – For instance, I kind of- sort of- regret not participating in service this semester, but I know next Fall I will totally appreciate the experience more since I realized how much I missed it this semester. I can also admit that this semester has been crazy and that my GPA would have suffered and I would be going mental if I did try to juggle even more than I already have in my hands!!

3. Time for a wise quote…. “Every new day is another chance to change your life.” – while cliche as it sounds, it really is. If you want to do or experience something, GO DO IT!! You are only young once so live your life without having a regret because you may not be able to fit everything in, but at least you fit a lot in and that’s what counts: doing everything YOU want. Don’t let your friends rule the way you make choices, choose for yourself! Go to a cooking class (or don’t Alisha- Mac N’Cheese always works!), take a voice lesson, jump on the Bolt bus to New York for the weekend. College is the best time to take advantage of everything!!

I try to live my life fully and that includes appreciating everything I’ve already been given and taking chances in the future to see where they’ll lead me! Life is too short to be anything but happy so don’t regret not doing something when there is most certainly still time!! My Grandpa didn’t start running until his 40s and went on to complete 17 Boston Marathons afterwards, so don’t you dare make excuses, because your excuses are a lame attempt to avoid taking that leap!

Have a great weekend my dearest ‘Hounds,
Victoria :)

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