After the horrendous events in Boston on Marathon Monday, I started thinking about community here at Loyola. I am so thankful to be able to say I have a great community around me here at Loyola as this painful tragedy uproots my community back home. My friends and professors expressed their deepest sympathies as I held back tears in class Monday afternoon after hearing news of what had happened. I couldn’t help the feeling of my stomach in knots when I had no clue if my friends and family were safe, but it was comforting to know I had outlets available if I needed someone to talk to.

If you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the Boston Marathon in person, you know exactly how representative it is of a true, resilient Bostonian: fighting our way through the muck to enjoy the victory at the finish line. I have so much pride for my city, my people, and my past as we start to pick up the pieces from this devastation.

I was so proud to see my old Physics professor and track coach from high school in press pictures aiding a woman as an EMT at the finish line after the explosions and I hope my Loyola community now sees me in light of these heroes and understands me and my background a little bit more than they did before. I can’t help but talk about how proud I am to be from Boston and how important that aspect of me has helped me develop into the (hopefully) amazing person I am.

As a community, I was so thankful Loyola had a prayer service for those in Boston… even though I was in class, I was comforted by the fact that the school made the initiative to bring support to students from the Boston area and those who knew people in the Marathon. I can’t express my appreciation enough to the Loyola community for supporting us when we are weak. As a school, we are resilient and our diverse - geographic, socio-economic, etc- we bring a lot of different personalities to campus, all which aid in supporting and caring for others; so thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has given me a smile and asked how I am in the past 48 hours. I may not seem like I give half a grain of sand, but it truly means the world when you know how vulnerable I’m feeling and take that step to give me a warm smile and a hug.

On to more positive things…
In other news, I am officially working for Morgan Stanley over the summer and going through the chaotic process of finding summer housing. These decisions are so stressful!! I’m concerned that if I live down in Fells I won’t see my Loyola friends half as much as I would otherwise! On the other hand, I’m worried that if I live on campus I’ll experience burnout quickly with a 45-minute commute each way and that I’ll miss out the experience of living in Fells like a ‘real adult’ hahaa… such tough decisions compared to solving world hunger, huh?? I guess all will settle as the time closes in on me! In the meantime, I’m seeing a few different rooms down in Fells and if you know of anyone who’s interested in living down there, get in contact with me!! Also, recommendations are always appreciated(I love getting people’s perception on things!)!

Have a good week and pray for Boston. <3

Xo ‘Hounds,
Victoria :)

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